Shared IVF Success

At InVia Fertility, we understand the financial stress placed upon couples by in vitro fertilization, especially if more than one cycle is required to achieve pregnancy. We strive to make therapy more affordable and costs more predictable. That's why we offer our Shared IVF Success Program.

For couples without insurance who qualify, our Shared IVF Success Program enables them to financially plan their treatment since costs are known up front. These funds can be used to pursue other options, such as adoption, if pregnancy does not occur. An individual couple's chance of conceiving in the Shared IVF Success Program is dependent upon many factors including age, causes of infertility, egg quality, and response to medication, among others. Not all patients are candidates for the Shared IVF Success Program, and cases are reviewed on an individual basis.

Once you qualify for our Shared IVF Success Program, your chances of conceiving are excellent given our high cycle success rates. Please make an appointment to discuss how you may benefit from our Shared IVF Success Program by calling (847) 884-8884 or clicking on the button below.

Shared IVF Success Agreement
Shared IVF Success Donor Oocyte Program Agreement