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Alternative Family

At InVia Fertility Specialists, we openly welcome, and have worked with, many same sex couples and single parents. Nothing should stop any individual or couple who wants a family from achieving that dream, and we are here to help in any way that we can. Our fertility team is always available to give you guidance and information as you need it. This team includes not only the knowledgeable InVia Fertility Specialists staff, but also psychologists, legal experts, and egg donor and surrogate agencies. In fact, we have our own egg donor program so that we can streamline the process for those who require egg donation.

Dr. Klipstein has been a guest speaker at expos and conferences where she has spoken to same-sex couples about the process involved in creating their own families. Please watch the videos below to learn more. 

The staff at InVia Fertility Specialists realize that there are often challenges endured by LGBT families, single parents and co-parents. There is a lot of confusion and information to be sorted through, from friends, family members, internet searches, and even from medical professionals. We at InVia Fertility Specialists would like to be your guides and provide a judgment free zone for you to feel safe and comfortable while going through this very important step toward building your family.

Whatever your concerns might be, we are here to guide you through the entire process and support your decision to have a baby. We recognize and appreciate what a delicate and unique process choosing an egg donor, surrogate, and/or sperm donor can be and look forward to working with our patients to make their journey a joyous occasion.

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