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Choosing a Fertility Specialist for Transgender Parents

Choosing a Fertility Specialist for Transgendered ParentsThere are often social challenges endured by LGBT families and parents. There is a lot of confusion and information to be sorted through, from friends, family members, Internet searches, and even from medical professionals. When choosing a fertility clinic, it's important to find a specialist that can guide you while providing a judgment free zone for you to feel safe and comfortable as you go through this very important step toward building your family.

Transgender Intended Parents

Transgendered individuals may be in transition during the time that they wish to become parents, so it is important that the fertility specialist works with each patient on a highly individualized level in order to achieve the best outcomes. Seek professionals that are highly trained in helping people on their journey to build their family and that will use all procedures necessary to help a transgender intended parent to have a biological child or children.

Another resource to consider is a mental health professional. This is not meant as a gatekeeping exercise to determine whether you can or cannot proceed with your cycle. It truly is a benefit to the patient. The purpose of this consultation is to:

  • Make sure everyone is on the same page
  • Ensure all possibilities have been discussed
  • Help the intended parent(s) evaluate their emotional health as they begin this journey
  • Discuss any fears, anxieties, or questions what happens later

Having this meeting can help you start to consider issues such as: will you disclose to anyone you used an egg donor/sperm donor/gestational carrier? Will you tell your child?

Whatever your concerns might be as transgendered parents, your fertility clinic will guide you through the entire process and support your decision to have a baby. The process for choosing an egg donor, surrogate, and/or sperm donor can be unique and delicate, so it’s important to have a knowledgeable and considerate team to make your journey a joyous occasion.

Individualizing each interaction in order to achieve a smooth and stress free process for all involved is essential to fertility treatment. Optimizing the fertility treatment allows for the highest possible chance for success.

Please feel free to contact our staff at InVia Fertility Specialists to set up a consultation to discuss how we can help you start the journey of building your family.

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Vicki Meagher

Vicki Meagher

Vicki Meagher has worked with InVia Fertility Specialists since 2006. She is our Third Party Coordinator, so she works with our patients that need an egg donor, sperm donor, gestational surrogate, or any combination of the above. She recruits and screens the egg donors for our in-house donor program as well. She loves working with intended parents and is passionate about third party reproduction and the important role it plays in helping patients achieve their dream of starting or extending their family. She is a member of SEEDS - the Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy.



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