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COVID-19 Letter to Patients

June 23, 2020

Webinar: Starting or Restarting Fertility Care in a Post COVID-19 World


 May 8, 2020


We hope that you and your family have stayed safe and healthy during these difficult times.  Moving forward, we are now resuming treatment cycles. In the meantime, we would like to update you on protocols we have implemented to maximize the safety of our patients and staff.


We have now started performing in office procedures including hysterosalpingogram, hysterosonogram and hysteroscopy.  We are also starting ovulation induction and in vitro fertilization cycles. We plan to start performing egg retrievals and embryos transfers (fresh and frozen) in May.  Our physicians are seeing patients via telehealth (over phone and computer).  To schedule a video consultation appointment, please call our office at 847-884-8884.


In addition to the above we are also implementing the following for patients:

  • All patients must wear a mask or another face covering when in the office.
  • Only patients with appointments for treatment/ monitoring are allowed to enter the office. No guests.
  • We encourage patients to wait in their cars and we will call them when we are ready to see them. The goal is to have a minimum number of patients and maintain distancing in our waiting rooms. 
  • When you arrive, you will be greeted by a nurse who will ask you COVID-19 related questions and take your temperature.
  • Patients must not come into the office if they have a cough, fever over 1000 F, shortness of breath or if they have been exposed to someone diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Patients will be asked to wash their hands once they enter the office.

All staff will be wearing PPE, and having their temperatures checked once at home and once upon entering the office.  We are cleaning the offices daily and wiping door knobs, handles, flat surfaces frequently as recommended by the CDC.

Thank you for your understanding at this time. Please stay safe and healthy!


April 24, 2020

Dear InVia Patients, 

We will begin starting treatment cycles soon. Please contact our office at 847-884-8884 to get more details. 



April 22, 2020

A message from our own Dr. Klipstein, LCSW Lori Metz and RESOLVE if you're trying to conceive at this time. 



April 7, 2020

The below is presented by The American Society for Reproductive Medicine and developed by The Mental Health Professional Group.

Emotional Responses

Fertility patients are unsurprisingly anxious and panicked about COVID-19, fearful about what the future holds, and may be prone to catastrophic thinking. Will having a family ever happen for me? What can I do if my treatment is put on hold? What should I do if I am pregnant now?

Fertility issues were never a part of what we imagined it would be like to create a family; add to that the threat of this virus, and all expectations of "normal" are off. 

Coping Strategies

While staying at home and sequestering oneself from others is essential to protect one's physical health, it can lead to increased anxiety, distress and/or depression.

  • Keep in touch with friends and family through FaceTime, Zoom, emails or other platforms
  • Take advantage of the many free classes being offered online, from exercise groups to academic courses. Friends are using online group meetings to have virtual happy hours or dinners together. 
  • Using social media to stay in touch can be enormously helpful, but make sure you use credible and reliable news sources to get information. Limit your intake of the news, as large doses, as well as misinformation, can trigger negative emotional reactions.

Clearly everyone's life has been topsy-turvy. A new normal needs to be established. 

Create some structure for yourself and your family. You may be working from home with a partner also working from home.  You may also have children home from school requiring your attention. Both can be a great distraction from the news, but may keep you from your normal routine. Establishing some kind of schedule for work, play, exercise, meditation or other self-care can be helpful.

Maybe now is the time to have a spa day at home! Nurture yourself and do things that bring joy, such as taking a walk, cooking, taking a class online, listening to music, creating art and/or journaling. Build in breaks, get some fresh air if possible, and focus and what is good and positive in the world (the flowers are still blooming!) Try to find something to laugh about.

This is not the way it was supposed to be: Dealing with grief, loss, anger, and the need for support.

Support at this time is essential, as plans for fertility treatment have been put on pause. Having an outlet to share concerns about yet another loss is important. You may want to talk about your feelings with a partner or close friend, but remember that they too are going through their own trauma and anxiety. 

Reaching out to a therapist who is providing telemedicine at this time allows you to receive support, and vent feelings of anger and frustration. It is therapeutic to share these feelings in a non-judgmental, safe environment. 

Marital Conflict

Don't be surprised if marital discordances arises or worsens. Remember, EVERYONE is stressed right now. Remind yourself to cut each other some slack; try to have empathy for your parnter's feelings as well. You are spending much more time together than usual; creating quiet time and space for each other can help. 

Don't Lose Hope

It may feel as if all the time and money you have spent pursuing fertility treatment will be lost. You may want to continue treatment at this time, in spite of what medical experts and ASRM are recommending. If you are younger than 35 and have good ovarian reserve, taking a break for a few months will not affect your fertility greatly. However, for many, it can feel like it's now or never, and that you are running out of time. Although it is devastating to think that your plans may need to change once again, allowing yourself to consider other options in family building, such as using a donor, surrogacy, embryo donation, or adoption, may help. Shifting once's focus to using other technology, especially when it necessitates the loss of a genetic connection, needs to be thoroughly worked through and grieved. Although these other options allow one the ultimate goal of parenting, it may be difficult to accept. Seeking professional counseling is essential. 

It's important to remember that nothing about this pandemic is normal or predictable. We are all in this together and trying to figure out how to manage the best we can. Out of pain and trauma, growth can occur in ways we could never imagine. Take comfort in that, and take good care of yourself. 

Contributed by Ann Malave. Ph.D., Chair of the MHPG, 2019-2020


March 19, 2020

Dear InVia Patients

The coronavirus global pandemic continues to significantly impact our daily routine.  All of us are susceptible to this illness.  While we strive to serve you, the health and safety of both you and our staff is of paramount importance.  Just yesterday, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) made the following recommendations.

  1. Suspend initiation of new treatment cycles, including ovulation induction, intrauterine inseminations (IUIs), in vitro fertilization (IVF) including retrievals and frozen embryo transfers, as well as non-urgent gamete cryopreservation.
  2. Strongly consider cancellation of all embryo transfers whether fresh or frozen.
  3. Continue to care for patients who are currently “in-cycle” or who require urgent stimulation and cryopreservation.
  4. Suspend elective surgeries and non-urgent diagnostic procedures.
  5. Minimize in-person interactions and increase utilization of telehealth.

At InVia Fertility Specialists, we are working actively to comply with these guidelines.  If you were getting ready to start a treatment cycle, you should have received a communication regarding postponement.   We expect this delay to be for a very short time period and hope to start your treatment again in the immediate future.

We do hope to communicate with you regularly and support you during these trying times.  During this hiatus we have instituted the use of video technology and telephone consultations.  Please call 847 884 8884 to schedule your appointment.  As always, do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.



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