Egg Donor Program

    Egg Donor Program




    Earn $7,000 per donation

    Some women are unable to produce healthy eggs and achieve pregnancy. In many situations, egg donor programs are the only option to help infertile women experience the joys of parenthood.

    Egg donors play an essential role in this process. Donors may be known (friend, family or other) or anonymous to the recipient. We utilize our own pre-screened donors as well as local egg donor recruiters to help locate the best donors for our recipients. Egg donors are screened according to American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines.

    For donors, the feeling of fulfillment from helping an infertile couple achieve their dream of having a baby is priceless. For all donors, the evaluation process involves examining family and personal medical history. The screening process also consists of testing the following: hormone levels, ultrasound evaluation of ovaries, Pap smear and physical, infectious disease panel, drug testing, genetic screening, and psychological evaluation.

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