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Benefits of Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are a common recommendation if you’re trying to get pregnant. These vitamins are part of a routine you develop in order to have the best outcome possible for your pregnancy.  

Your fertility specialist at InVia Fertility can help you prepare for pregnancy, from prenatal vitamins to fertility treatments. Just schedule an appointment at one of our offices around Chicago, Arlington Heights, Crystal Lake, Hoffman Estates, Rockford, or Northbrook, Illinois. 

Prenatal Vitamins Help Prevent Neural Tube Defects 

Folic acid is one of the most important prenatal vitamins you can take before and during pregnancy. It is a B vitamin that helps your body and baby grow and develop. It’s recommended that you take 400 mg of folic acid each day. Taking folic acid also reduces the risk of your baby developing defects in the brain and spinal cord.  

If the spinal cord is not properly developed, it can lead to exposed nerve endings and conditions like spina bifida. Your fertility specialist can discuss these possibilities with you and refer you to genetic testing if they believe your child may have a higher risk of developing these types of conditions.  

Prenatal Vitamins Support the Development of the Fetus and Placenta 

Prenatal vitamins help promote the development of the fetus and placenta. The placenta is an organ that develops when you’re pregnant to provide oxygen and nutrients to your baby.  

Iron, in particular, helps with development because it aids in your body’s creation of blood, which supplies oxygen to you and your baby. It can also prevent and cure anemia if that is a condition that you struggle with. 

Calcium is another commonly recommended prenatal vitamin because it helps support the fetus's bone growth. It also has the added benefit of ensuring that you don’t lose your bone density throughout the course of your pregnancy.   

When Should I Start Taking My Prenatal Vitamins?  

Start taking prenatal vitamins before you are pregnant. If you want to have a baby, we recommend beginning to take prenatal vitamins, such as folic acid, about a month before you start trying. While you can get many additional vitamins and minerals from changing your diet and eating heavily, taking prenatal vitamins can ensure you get the right amount every time.  

Continue to take prenatal vitamins for the duration of your pregnancy or as long as your fertility specialist recommends. There are other vitamins and nutrients your fertility specialist recommends, such as: 

  • Vitamin A 
  • Vitamin D 
  • Omega-3s 

Your fertility specialist may recommend a specific brand or when to begin particular prenatal vitamins according to your case. We are happy to answer any questions about prenatal vitamins or other pre-pregnancy adjustments that you have.  

Schedule Pre-Pregnancy Counseling with Your Fertility Specialist 

Your fertility specialist at InVia Fertility can help you determine the prenatal vitamins you should be taking and any lifestyle changes you may need to make to prepare for your journey to parenthood. Schedule an appointment today at one of our locations across Chicago, Arlington Heights, Crystal Lake, Hoffman Estates, Rockford, and Northbrook, IL. 

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