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    No Question is a Stupid Question

    We’ve all been in a classroom where the teacher or professor is discussing a topic but you have no idea what they’re talking about. You look around the room and hope there are others who feel the same way and will ask a question but you get that sinking feeling you’re alone. By this time the teacher or professor has made many more points and you missed those too. The problem is, you did not ask the question because you did not want to look "stupid". However, the fact of the matter is that when it comes to YOU, no question is a stupid question!

    Walking in to your first appointment your emotions are at an all time high. You may have already heard from so called "experts" - friends and family members who’ve mapped out your treatment for you. You’re hearing it from all directions and each direction has a different perception. What do you do? First you clear your head of any and all information from those who received their training from the local news. Put your trust in those who have trained for years and have practiced for many more. Enter into your first appointment with a clear and open mind…..easy to do right? WRONG! No matter how hard you try, that first consult is stressful, emotional and like learning another language. Listen, listen and listen some more. Jot down some questions prior to your first appointment because after I can assure you you’ll have many more.

    Now during this first consult if you hear anything that you don’t understand, SAY IT! We’re all in this together and learning how to communicate with each other will maximize your experience. After your first appointment your mind will be racing and it is possible you’ll retain approximately 15% of what was discussed if you’re lucky. You’re not alone, this is the norm. Take a day or two to write down more questions. Allow for your mind to remember some of the things that were discussed after the stress subsides. I guarantee you that at some point you’ll have an ah-ha moment.

    At InVia Fertility we go through great lengths - 365 days a year - to help in your journey. We take great pride in treating our patients as individuals. Your treatment plan may be complex but we feel it is part of our job to answer your questions. The well-informed patient is sometimes best able to follow the treatment plan correctly thus increasing the chances of success. However, we will not know what your questions are unless you ask them. Our web site has become a resource for our patients with access to educational material from day one through your last appointment. Not only our physicians, but our nursing staff is well trained and sensitive to most every issue that you’ll deal with. It’s our goal to work as a team to accomplish the ultimate goal of having a baby.

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    Todd Mensik

    Todd Mensik

    Todd Mensik is the Practice Representative at InVia Fertility. He is passionate about making sure that the overall experience of each and every patient exceeds expectations. He also works with the referring physician to ensure that the transition into our office is seamless.



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