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Christy and Ryan's InVia Fertility Journey: 18 Years, 4 Children!

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Christy and Ryan H. first became patients of Dr. Karande’s back in 2001. All four of their children have been born with help from him and InVia Fertility Specialists! Here, Christy explains the reasons she and Ryan sought fertility treatment in the first place—and why they have stayed with Dr. Karande and InVia for all these years.

Being a mom was something that I dreamed about from a young age. When people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer was always, “I want to be a Mom”. I met my husband, Ryan, in high school. We always talked about how many kids we wanted, and we both shared the dream of having a large family.

Ryan and I got married in 1999, and we started trying right away for a baby. Unfortunately, my periods had become very irregular. I worked at an OB/GYN office at the time, so I did some testing and we discovered that I suffered from PCOS. This is where our infertility journey began.

Meeting Dr. Karande

My gynecologist started me on Clomid. After many failed Clomid and IUI attempts, including a miscarriage, my gynecologist suggested we see a fertility specialist. 

I got a few recommendations for fertility doctors from the OB/GYNs that I worked for. Ryan and I met with a few to get opinions. The moment that we met Dr. Karande, I knew that he was the doctor for me. I loved that he was right to the point and very confident. When I first became a patient of Dr. Karande back in 2001, he was with another infertility group, so we had to travel downtown to see him.

Chicago Fertility ClinicWith Baby Emily in 2002

Our Journey: Six Cycles Over 18 Years

We are very lucky that we started building our family at a young age. We started our infertilty journey with Dr. Karande in 2001. Our first cycle was unsuccessful, but as a result of our next cycle, our daughter, Emily Rose was born on November 6, 2002, weighing 5 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches long.

We returned to Dr. Karande in 2004. Our first cycle of the second round ended in miscarriage, but the second gave us our twin boys, Tyler Michael and Brandon Richard on October 2, 2005.

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Dr. Karande with the twins in 2005

For several years we enjoyed watching our three kids grow. But no matter how busy life got, Ryan and I knew in our hearts that our family was not completed yet. We had always wanted four kids.

Finally, in 2017, we decided to make another appointment with Dr. Karande. After another miscarriage, we became pregnant with baby number four! On October 22, 2019, we welcomed Alexis Cynthia to our family. I was 39 when she was born. We still have one frozen embryo.

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Baby Alexis, born in 2019!

Growing with InVia Fertility Specialists

Through my treatments I had experience seeing Dr. Klipstein and Dr. Puscheck as well as Dr. Karande, my primary doctor. I can honestly say that they are all amazing, caring and smart doctors. Our first Karande baby was born in 2002, and our latest InVia baby was born in 2019! I have a unique situation and am probably Dr. Karande’s patient that has been with him the longest. We were very lucky that we started having kids very young. 

Infertility is a stressful journey full of emotion, but we could not have had a better experience thanks to InVia. Every nurse, receptionist, doctor, and staff member at InVia Fertility was supportive, encouraging and with us every step of the way. We are so thankful for them.


Christy with Dr. Karande and the three oldest kids.

Christy’s #FertilityJourney Advice: Never Give Up!

My advice to people just starting out on their fertility journey is: Never give up!

All four of our kids are a result of IVF. We now have a 17-year-old, 14-year-old twins and a two-month-old baby girl. They are all beautiful, amazing, smart, talented kids. There were so many times during our journey that giving up seemed like it would be easier. Going through infertility is so tough.

There are so many ups and downs, disappointments and waiting. It is emotionally and physically hard. It is the hardest thing we have gone through, but I wouldn’t change it even if I could. It has made me learn so much and made our marriage even stronger.

If it weren’t for Dr. Karande and the InVia staff, a family would not have been possible for us. Our dreams have come true because of InVia, and we cannot thank them enough for everything! I tell everyone that I know that InVia is the best!


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