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The Relationship Between Stress and Fertility

There is a strong relationship between stress and fertility. If you are struggling to have a baby and seeking fertility assistance, managing your stress can positively impact your experience.   

The specialists at InVia Fertility are here to support you throughout your fertility journey, which includes directing you toward educational reproductive resources.  

Does Stress Cause Infertility? 

Stress alone cannot cause infertility. However, if you are struggling to conceive, any related stress can make this process more difficult.  

The body and the mind are interconnected in many ways. In fact, women with a history of anxiety and depression are more likely to experience issues with infertility. Stress can have a negative impact on your body and your relationships, especially if you are dealing with sexual stress.  

While researchers are still determining if stress has an effect on the rate of infertility, stress management can have a positive impact on couples who are trying to conceive.  

How Can I Manage Fertility Stress?  

Infertility can cause a rollercoaster of emotions for hopeful parents-to-be. If you’re feeling stressed about your fertility, there are a few things you can do to help manage it: 

Embrace Your Stress 

Facing your stress head-on is an important part of stress management. Your feelings should be felt in a non-judgmental environment. Remember that your fertility journey takes time, and ignoring your stress will only prolong the feelings. 

Talk About Your Stress 

Whether it’s your partner, a friend, a counselor, or a family member, confiding in someone you trust can help reduce your stress. Communication is key throughout your fertility journey and throughout parenthood. You can also join a support group and talk to others who have struggled or are struggling with infertility.  

Redirect Your Stress 

Sometimes, redirecting stress into healthy activities is the most effective way to manage it. You may benefit from a mind-body infertility program, where you’ll learn stress management and relaxation techniques. This can have a positive impact on your fertility and continue to provide essential tools as you grow your family.  

What if I Continue to Feel Stress?  

As you start your fertility journey, it’s normal to feel stressed out. Fertility services and reproductive assistance, such as IVF and IUI, can bring up feelings of stress. Stress management techniques can help you successfully navigate the journey of growing your family.  

The fertility specialists, nurses, and technicians at InVia Fertility are here to support your fertility in any way that we can. We understand that fertility services can cause stress for patients, which is why we aim to provide compassionate, educational care throughout your journey. We are also happy to provide you with trusted resources for mental health counselors and therapists who are well-versed in infertility and navigating the feelings that come with it. 

Start Your Fertility Journey at InVia Fertility  

At InVia Fertility, we understand that the relationship between stress and fertility can have an impact on patients. If you are struggling to conceive and are seeking fertility assistance, you can make a first appointment with our specialists.  

We have five offices conveniently located across the north and northwest suburbs of Chicago, IL. Request an appointment with a fertility specialist today.  

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