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Embryo Fragmentation: What Does It Mean?

Embryo fragmentation is a fairly common occurance. It happens when there is an uneven division of the cells of the embryo. It's as if you were breaking apart a piece of crusty bread. When you try to ... read more

Testicular sperm aspiration: fresh or frozen sperm?

Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) is used to obtain sperm from men whose sperm count is zero (azoospermia). Approximately 1% of males and 15% of males seeking evaluation for infertility will have ... read more

Gender Selection & Ethics: Is Family Balancing Acceptable?

As medicine has advanced, fertility patients now have options that previously did not exist. As recently as thirty-five years ago, if you had blocked fallopian tubes or a low sperm count, chances are ... read more


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