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Two months and significant pounds lost!

We first introduced the Idea Protein Diet to our practice the first week of April 2013 and since then our patients (and yes friends because of their success) have lost over 400 pounds!! I know what everyone is thinking, “If I starve myself I can do that on my own.” Yes that’s true, but what then? Ideal Protein Diet is an education in a healthier lifestyle. All of our patients say three things consistently: I’m not hungry, I have more energy and your diet coach helped me through the first week which is the most difficult. What separates Ideal Protein from other diets is it educates each patient on what your body needs and how to get rid of those daily cravings. We now have 12 people from our office who are currently dieting or who have reached their target weight and ALL have said it’s life changing.

The main reason we began this diet is because we saw a significant drop in IVF success when a patient has a BMI>35. Recently a patient of ours lost over 20 pounds and became pregnant naturally. Coincidence? Maybe. But the facts are the facts; weight and BMI play an important role in health, lifestyle, ones confidence and conceiving. Just another reason how InVia Fertility stays on the cutting edge to better serve our patients and help them reach their ultimate goal of starting a family.

Call Jennifer Brice or email her today to see if the Ideal Protein Diet is right for you. (847)322-5221 info@infiafertility.com

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Todd Mensik

Todd Mensik

Todd Mensik is the Practice Representative at InVia Fertility. He is passionate about making sure that the overall experience of each and every patient exceeds expectations. He also works with the referring physician to ensure that the transition into our office is seamless.


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