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I found the perfect egg donor, but then…

screenings for choosing an egg donorAll too often, people who have taken great care in choosing an egg donor tell me, “I found the perfect donor, but then ..."

  • She turned out to have a high FSH
  • She turned out to have a low AMH
  • Her antral follicle count was not good
  • She couldn’t do the cycle when we wanted to do it
  • She just took a new job and can’t miss work
  • She is moving
  • She just got engaged and her fiancé doesn’t want her to do it

There are many reasons the "perfect donor" may not work out. Often they're completely out of the control of the recipient, the fertility specialist, and the donor.

It’s easy to say, “don’t fall in love with your donor just yet,” but that's easier said than done. When working with egg recipients at InVia Fertility Specialists, I always suggest that when they are looking at donor profiles, they choose their top two or three rather than just one—and always keep in the back of their minds that something may change.

Working with a medical office fertility clinic presents advantages to recipients when choosing an egg donor, because the clinic screens out donors who are going to have a medical barrier to successful donation. InVia Fertility Specialists screens each prospective donor for day-three hormones (including FSH, LH, AMH, and Estradiol) and does a day-three follicular ultrasound to check her antral follicle count before she makes it into our program.

Of the 100+ applications we receive in a month, only 2 percent pass the screening and make it into our donor book. This screening allows us to give recipients the best possible chance to achieve a successful pregnancy. Egg donors from outside agencies are often not medically screened before they are matched with prospective recipients; often these turn out to be "sub-optimal" egg donors.

If you are facing fertility issues that require you to use an egg donor and are looking for a donor who has been pre-screened, make an appointment at one of InVia's four Chicago area fertility clinics.

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Vicki Meagher

Vicki Meagher

Vicki Meagher has worked with InVia Fertility Specialists since 2006. She is our Third Party Coordinator, so she works with our patients that need an egg donor, sperm donor, gestational surrogate, or any combination of the above. She recruits and screens the egg donors for our in-house donor program as well. She loves working with intended parents and is passionate about third party reproduction and the important role it plays in helping patients achieve their dream of starting or extending their family. She is a member of SEEDS - the Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy.


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