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    Egg Donor Recruitment and Compensation

    At InVia Fertility, we do advertise online to recruit egg donors into our Egg Donor Program. We advertise on Google, Facebook, and Craigslist, mainly. In recruiting donors, we are not offering to pay for their eggs, we inform them that we are compensating them for their time, compliance, inconvenience, and efforts while in our program. This is proved by the fact that our donors all are compensated the same amount. Donors do not receive more money if they produce more eggs than another donor. They also do not receive more if they have done a previous cycle. We do not offer lower compensation amounts for brand new donors. We feel that all donors in our pool are what we consider to be “the best of the best” for our patients and are therefore entitled to the same compensation across the board. We feel that the amount they are compensated is, for lack of a better term, the industry standard.

    There is much discussion that donors that have traits that are considered “in demand” or “preferred” should be compensated more, as they are harder to find. We at InVia disagree with this. A recipient paying the compensation to a donor should not have to pay more strictly because they are looking for a specific ethnicity or physical trait. We do not advertise looking for specifics such as ethnicity, physical characteristics, education, profession, etc. We are not only looking for diverse donors for our own in-house egg donor program, we are looking for young women who have the best possibility of helping someone who needs an egg donor achieve a pregnancy. There are always going to be difficult matches to make, but we always try our hardest with our patients to find the best match available for them.

    What about putting profiles online in the hopes of recruiting more? We are not quite at this point yet at InVia. The main reason for this is our promise to donors to maintain their anonymity. Not all donors have disclosed to their family that they are applying to be an egg donor; and we certainly don’t expect them to disclose this to their entire community. Obviously we wouldn’t want someone to stumble upon her profile and photograph while browsing online. It is on InVia to protect the identity of our donors at all cost.

    Have you ever considered egg donation? Do you have any questions or concerns? Please leave us a comment below (you are welcome to remain anonymous).

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    Vicki Meagher

    Vicki Meagher

    Vicki Meagher has worked with InVia Fertility Specialists since 2006. She is our Third Party Coordinator, so she works with our patients that need an egg donor, sperm donor, gestational surrogate, or any combination of the above. She recruits and screens the egg donors for our in-house donor program as well. She loves working with intended parents and is passionate about third party reproduction and the important role it plays in helping patients achieve their dream of starting or extending their family. She is a member of SEEDS - the Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy.



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