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Myths and Tips to Lose Weight to Get Pregnant

Lose Weight to Get PregnantHere are just a few examples of what patients on Ideal Protein learn about weight loss from our Health and Wellness Coach Lauren Wismer.

Myth: I can lose weight by eating less and exercising more.

False: When eating less, you lower your calorie count. When you exercise more, you may be depleting too many calories, including those needed to power basic functions. This puts your body in emergency mode, resulting in your body hanging on to all stored fat for survival.

Truth: Ideal Protein does lower your daily calorie count, which is why we limit exercise to walking, bike riding, swimming and weightlifting. This enables your body to use your stored fat as fuel and thus lose weight.

Myth: I should eat healthy food like fruit and whole wheat bread when dieting.

False: While these are nutritious foods, they are also foods that inhibit weight loss because our bodies burn carbohydrates and sugars (simple and complex) for fuel before fats, leaving the fats to be stored.

Truth: With the absence of fruit and bread, Ideal Protein is a low carb, low fat, low sugar, program resulting in your body using your stored fat as fuel and losing weight.

Myth: I’m being healthy by cutting out all carbs, fats and sugars out of my diet.

False: You are losing essential nutrition from the foods you have eliminated, which is not healthy.

Truth: Ideal Protein is not completely absent of carbs and fats, just low in carbs and healthy fats.

Myth: I need high amounts of protein in my diet to lose weight.

False: High-protein diets are only needed for intense athletes and body builders. If you're not using the protein to build or maintain muscle, it can be dangerous to your health, particularly your kidneys. Low protein, on the other hand, leads to losing muscle mass. Losing muscle mass makes it harder for you to burn calories while also lowering your metabolism, resulting in the storage of more fat.

Truth: While Ideal Protein is based on protein, it uses a tailored amount to maintain your muscle mass.

Myth: I’ll gain back all my weight just like every other diet I’ve been on.

False: That is just what happens when you try fad diets lacking the tools for success. You will find this diet is successfully different.

Truth: Ideal Protein is medically and scientifically developed to be an easy, structured program that equips you with your own personal Health Coach to provide the knowledge, support, accountability, and encouragement you need to make a lasting, healthy lifestyle change. Its four phases and emphasis on maintaining your muscle mass makes the difference.

On this program you receive all the needed supplements that make up for foods you are eliminating. Ideal Protein is designed to optimize your health, resulting in all your systems and organs working perfectly as they should. Ideal Protein has successfully helped many of our patients achieve the weight loss they need for successful treatment.

Interested in starting your health journey on Ideal Protein? Schedule an appointment at one of InVia's four Chicago area fertility clinics today!

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