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    I need the 6.30 am appointment

    The 6.30 am appointment for blood and ultrasound is a very common request. We certainly understand that you have a job and are trying to avoid losing time from work but as I said this 6.30 am appointment is a common request from upwards of ten women at any given time. Now the reality is that there are going to be more than one woman who needs an early appointment on any given day, who has the same type of job with the same limitations as you do. The nurses and receptionists try very hard to work with time constraints and do understand your dilemma.

    After all, we too have job commitments and need to schedule appointments for doctors, parent- teacher conferences, home services and car repairs. Every man or woman sitting in the waiting room feels their time is just as important as yours. So if you come in early for your appointment, we cannot bump the patient scheduled for that time slot. Before most of your time with us, we didn’t make appointments and people lined up in the hallway and we drawn as they got here. Guess what happened? At 6.30 am there would be 10 people lined up and everyone was upset. Every business or profession has to work within parameters that provide the best care and service to their customers, while having to balance this with their own staffing and service requirements.

    Please understand that we do try but cannot promise those early appointments to everyone so we won’t make promises, but we WILL try very hard to spread them amongst you.

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    Sue Beckman

    Sue Beckman

    Mrs. Susan Beckman has been the Clinical Nurse Manager, Donor Coordinator and Study Coordinator at InVia Fertility Specialists for the past six years. Sue came to InVia Fertility with more than 30 years of nursing experience in Stroke Rehabilitation, General Medicine /Surgical, Cardiology and Maternal/Child nursing. The last 23 years of her career have been focused on women’s health. She was a staff nurse on a busy Maternity Unit, with a focus on high-risk labor and delivery, patient & staff education/program development, as progressed through the clinical ladders to become the Clinical Nurse Manager. Sue find the challenges of working with couples through the many phases of their reproductive life to be extremely rewarding as it draws on the skills that she has personally and professionally developed over the course of her career.



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