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You want me to fill this cup?

You and your partner have been in to see the doctor for a consultation, they have outlined a potential treatment plan and the nurses have informed you of what testing is required prior to beginning treatment.

She has completed her work up and now it is your turn. You have been scheduled for lab work and a semen analysis. The day arrives; you and your partner have abstained for the required amount of time. You arrive at the office; state your name and reason for the appointment and sit down, being careful not to make eye contact with anyone.

The door opens and your first name is called, you stand up; sure that everyone in the waiting room knows why you are here. The nurse asks for your ID, and directs you to the collection room. The room consists of a comfortable chair, TV and DVD player, and other “inspirational material.” “Please fill out the form entirely and place the label on the cup, make sure that you hand the cup to one of the nurses, DO NOT just set the cup down on the counter.” You eye the cup, with that the door is closed. “I don’t have to fill this, do I?” NO.

First of all, if you are a male sitting in our waiting room, there is an excellent chance that every female in that room has had to have their partner obtain a semen specimen and they do know why you are there. If there are other males in the waiting room they are empathizing with you at this moment.

Do you know the term Quality over Quantity? This definitely applies to semen. When your specimen is analyzed they are looking for the number of sperm, the motility (are they moving in a rapid forward motion) morphology; do they look normal, (excuse the common terms: two heads, blunt heads, no tails…..) We only need 14% or greater of normal sperm to have good chances for fertilization.

Your results will be available in 24-48 hours. Here are some things to remember 30 % of the time there is an issue with the female partner, 30% with the male partner, 30% it is a combination and 10 % are unexplained causes of infertility as a couple. Remember that you are a couple, so it really doesn’t matter who, but what can be done. If it is the male partner you may be referred to a urologist or the doctor may suggest ICSI, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. ICSI is like giving your sperm a GPS system. The embryologist injects the sperm directly into the egg. It doesn’t guarantee fertilization but it increases the chances. This procedure is not needed for every couple, the goal is to proceed with the least invasive techniques required and arrive at the goal: A HEALTHY BABY!

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Sue Beckman

Sue Beckman

Mrs. Susan Beckman has been the Clinical Nurse Manager, Donor Coordinator and Study Coordinator at InVia Fertility Specialists for the past six years. Sue came to InVia Fertility with more than 30 years of nursing experience in Stroke Rehabilitation, General Medicine /Surgical, Cardiology and Maternal/Child nursing. The last 23 years of her career have been focused on women’s health. She was a staff nurse on a busy Maternity Unit, with a focus on high-risk labor and delivery, patient & staff education/program development, as progressed through the clinical ladders to become the Clinical Nurse Manager. Sue find the challenges of working with couples through the many phases of their reproductive life to be extremely rewarding as it draws on the skills that she has personally and professionally developed over the course of her career.


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