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Egg Donor Compensation Part III I’m Going to Donate ALL the Time!!

Slow down there, Miss Eager Donor. Yes, a donor does receive $8,000 per completed cycle, and yes, that is a lot of money, but there are limitations. First of all, a donor may undergo a maximum of six donations. That number is not just a rule within our program, it’s a guideline recommended by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

Secondly, a donor may realize there was a lot more involved in completing a cycle than she previously thought and decide not to do six cycles. She may also be presented with different opportunities and options in her personal life (deciding she would like to get pregnant, taking on a demanding career, signing up for a busy school schedule, getting married, etc.) that may bring her to the conclusion that six cycles may not be possible for her. Within our own program at InVia Fertility, the majority of donors are interested in donating more than once and are chosen by recipients multiple times. Not all of the donors in our program, however, end up donating the maximum number of times.

Thirdly, there are factors outside of anyone’s control that affect whether a donor can donate again or not. Hormone levels naturally and unexpectedly rise (and drop) throughout a woman’s life. Levels outside of a very specific range would disqualify a donor from donating again. Also, while being fully compliant, her cycle may not result in a sufficient number of eggs to achieve a pregnancy for the recipient. While she would certainly receive her reimbursement, she may not be eligible to be a donor in the future.

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Vicki Meagher

Vicki Meagher

Vicki Meagher has worked with InVia Fertility Specialists since 2006. She is our Third Party Coordinator, so she works with our patients that need an egg donor, sperm donor, gestational surrogate, or any combination of the above. She recruits and screens the egg donors for our in-house donor program as well. She loves working with intended parents and is passionate about third party reproduction and the important role it plays in helping patients achieve their dream of starting or extending their family. She is a member of SEEDS - the Society for Ethics for Egg Donation and Surrogacy.


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