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Why this patient found it easy to lose weight to get pregnant

lose weight to get pregnantDrs. Karande and Klipstein chose the Ideal Protein Diet as a weight loss method for their patients based on its healthy approach and improved fertility treatment results. All of us at InVia Fertility have witnessed the dramatic transformation our patients have gone through with not only lasting weight loss but also their fertility outcomes.

As InVia's Health and Wellness Coach, I find that in the beginning, most patients referred to me aren’t so interested in losing weight. They're willing to lose weight to get pregnant, but only the small amount their doctor requires before starting treatment. Once we start working together, though, it all changes to a lasting healthy lifestyle change.

As an example, one of our patients has been coming to InVia Fertility Solutions for 2 ½ years. Four months ago reluctantly she agreed to get on the Ideal Protein System after her doctor once again recommended she see me.

What she didn’t expect was how easy the program is. She loved the Ideal Protein Diet foods and was very happy with how much support and encouragement she received. She was happy to find out it’s changed her cravings and eating habits, and now her weight loss goal changed from her doctor's requirement to what is an ideal healthy weight for her.

Her results from now being on the program for four months: successful fertility treatment and pregnant! What she said to me was "You are such a blessing, I couldn’t have gone through this process without you."

To see a team of fertility specialists who will support you in making the healthy lifestyle changes you need to make, schedule an appointment with InVia today.


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