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Lose weight to get pregnant – how to keep your resolution

lose weight to get pregnant invia couple before Is weight loss your new year's resolution ... again?

The new year is a natural time for reflection. It's a great time to take a step back from life’s distractions and focus on what is truly important. If excess weight is contributing to your inability to get pregnant, then it's time to make a change. (At right, InVia couple before weight loss)

Being overweight can cause irregular or infrequent menstrual cycles, which may increase your risk of infertility. But committing to losing weight can be difficult, especially if you've lost weight in the past by dieting and / or exercising, only to gain it back.

At InVia Fertility, we guide our patients who need to lose weight to get pregnant through a four-phase process that leads them to not just lose the weight, but maintain that weight loss naturally. That's because the Ideal Protein System, which we have chosen to use with our patients, resets your pancreas and controls your insulin output so it's not so hard to keep lost weight off.

lose weight to get pregnant invia couple after 1

Ideal Protein is a medically and scientifically designed program that enables you to lose weight steadily while maintaining muscle mass. It gives you the opportunity to also change your belief system in a positive way in order to give your spirit a revitalizing boost while transforming to better health.

In short, we don't just leave our patients on their own after they lose the weight. Rather, we give them a step-by-step plan for nutrition that will guarantee their ultimate success. We've chosen the Ideal Protein System because it's a healthy lifestyle-changing program with lasting results.

lose weight to get pregnant invia couple after 2The photos at right are of the same InVia couple pictured above – after weight loss with Ideal Protein. They who recently completed all four phases. He lost 100 lbs and she lost 75 lbs. Now 6 months later they continue to maintain!

To see a specialist who will help you lose weight to get pregnant and maintain your new weight, make an appointment at one of InVia's four Chicago area fertility clinics.


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