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The Shared IVF Success Program at InVia Fertility (SISP). Our money back guarantee program! Part I

In vitro fertilization (IVF) can be an expensive proposition if you do not have insurance coverage for the treatment. Just the medical costs of a "cash-pay" cycle will approximate around $ 10,000. If the first attempt is successful, all is well and good -- a lot of our patients feel it was the best $10,000 that they have ever spent! But, what if the cycle and a couple of repeat IVF cycles do not work? It could mean expenses totaling in excess of $30,000 and you being back to square one. Keeping this in mind we offer our "Shared IVF Success Program" which is like an insurance policy. With this program, for one price you get up to 3 fresh IVF cycles in a package deal. If you are not pregnant, you get a 100% refund of your money! If you get pregnant -- we share in your success as we then get paid. If you are not pregnant, you can use to money to pursue other options (e.g. adoption). This is our way of guaranteeing that you will get pregnant with our help, or (to repeat) you will get 100% of your Shared IVF Success fee back!

The Shared IVF Success fee includes the costs of cycle monitoring, egg retrieval, all necessary embryology procedures (ICSI, assisted zone hatching) and embryo transfer. Please note that medication costs (which can be approximately $3,000 - 5,000 per cycle), anesthesia, pre-testing and pregnancy monitoring costs are not included in the price and therefore cannot be refunded. Other exclusions include any surgical procedures (e.g. laparoscopy or hysteroscopy), management of any complications (e,g, ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome). Embryo freezing and any frozen embryo transfer cycles are included. Embryo storage costs ($50/- per month), once you are pregnant, are not included. The three IVF cycles are to be completed in one year.

There are medical and demographic criteria that will need to be met, in order for you to be a candidate for this program. You should be under the age of 37 to be accepted into the Shared IVF Success Program, have normal hormone values and be a non-smoker (in addition to other important criteria). Further details including the costs involved are specified in our Shared IVF Success Program Agreement which can be downloaded from our website (www.inviafertility.com).

Is “Baby Back Guarantee” right for you? You can have peace of mind, knowing that you will not have to pay anything in addition to your initial premium, for the extra IVF cycles you may need to have. While some practices will give you a partial refund, we will give you 100% back!

When you are ready, please call us, so that we can Share our Success with you!

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Victoria Mostov

Victoria Mostov

Victoria Mostov received her BA in Psychology from UCLA in 2002. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Victoria received her MBA from the prestigious Kellstadt School of Business at DePaul University. She has 14 years of experience working in health care management and has been with Invia Fertility


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