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    What are my chances of getting pregnant?

    Patients often ask me - What are my chances of getting pregnant if I do IVF? The honest answer to that question really is - I don't know; and it really doesn't matter. Let me explain why. read more

    Top 10 Myths about Infertility

    We live in a society where women are comparatively unaware of infertility issues until they have to undergo treatments like in vitro fertilization. There is an interesting book called ‘A Few Good ... read more

    How to make the right decision - a guide for infertile couples

    Infertile couples have to make many decisions. Should they do IVF? How do they select the right clinic? How many IVF cycles should they do? Should they consider using donor eggs? or adoption? When ... read more

    Varicocele: definition, treatments, and connection with infertility

    Varicocele is a swollen varicose vein in the scrotum - usually on the left side. The condition occurs because blood pools in the varicose testicular veins (pampiniform plexus) since the valves in the ... read more

    Chocolate cysts - how we manage them at Malpani Infertility Clinic

    A chocolate cyst of the ovary (also known as an endometrioma, endometrioid cyst, or endometrial cyst) is found in some infertile women who have endometriosis. In this disease, the inner lining of the ... read more

    Putting the myth of bed rest after IVF to rest

    One of the old wife's tales, which still plagues every IVF patient, is the myth that they need "strict" bed rest after the embryo transfer. Many patients are scared that the embryo will fall out if ... read more

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