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    Miscarriage after IVF treatment

    Patients are very excited when their HCG test is positive! They are on top of the world that the IVF process has succeeded, and they look forward to cradling their baby in their arms in a few months. read more

    Can the level of hCG in blood tell me whether my pregnancy is a healthy one or not?

    You've had an embryo transfer, and now it's time for a pregnancy blood test. You may be wondering whether the hCG level in your blood predict how healthy your very new pregnancy is. The short answer ... read more

    The best treatment option for recurrent implantation failure

    One of the most frustrating group of patients for IVF specialists are those with recurrent implantation failure. These are patients for whom we've done multiple IVF cycles but who still do not get ... read more

    Bouncing Back After a Failed IVF Cycle

    A failed IVF cycle causes a lot of heartache – for both patients and doctors. Aside from pain and grief, many of people start playing the blame game. Was the doctor negligent or incompetent? Did the ... read more

    What do white blood cells in semen mean?

    White blood cells in semen, detected in semen analysis, often causeconcern to infertile couples, those who are having trouble getting pregnant, and even their doctors. On the one hand, this makes ... read more

    Empty Follicle Syndrome: Proper Medical Response

    A vaginal egg collection is a very routine part of the IVF process. The procedure is over in about 20 minutes, and experienced doctors will usually get one egg from each mature follicle. read more

    What can husbands do for their wives during their IVF cycle?

    In this post, one of InVia Fertility's patients shares what he has learned in supporting his wife during IVF. read more

    Timing of Treatment for Endometriosis and IVF

    Since many patients who have endometriosis are also infertile, they are not sure about what they should do. When considering treatment for endometriosis and IVF, which should come first? In most ... read more

    Having trouble getting pregnant? "Just relax"—not!

    Many gynecologists advise young patients with unexplained infertility that the reason they are having trouble getting pregnant is because they are too “stressed-out." This seems to occur frequently ... read more

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