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Female Infertility Treatment near Arlington Heights IL

InVia Fertility offers female fertility treatment near Arlington Heights, Illinois, for women who are interested in growing their families. Our providers are dedicated to supplying personalized ... read more

Male Infertility Treatment near Chicago IL

The decision to start a family and become a father is one of the biggest choices any man will ever make. Once that decision is made, any roadblocks, such as infertility issues, can become an ... read more

Symptoms after IVF Embryo Transfer - The Two-Week Wait

After months or years of having trouble getting pregnant, all the action and the excitement of taking injections, going for scans, monitoring your blood test results and admiring your embryos is now ... read more

Can the level of hCG in blood tell me whether my pregnancy is a healthy one or not?

You've had an embryo transfer, and now it's time for a pregnancy blood test. You may be wondering whether the hCG level in your blood predict how healthy your very new pregnancy is. The short answer ... read more

Understanding the Causes of Failed IVF

A failed IVF cycle is heart-wrenching. Your dreams of a pregnancy are shattered, your hard-earned money has gone down the tube, and you do not know what to do next! As humans we all need explanations ... read more

Implantation Failure in IVF - Why Does It Happen?

“My doctor said that my embryos looked picture-perfect, yet they failed to implant – why did this happen?” This is the question in the minds of women who undergo IVF failure, and this becomes a ... read more

The Difference Between Follicles and Eggs | InVia Fertility

We often talk about follicles (affectionately called "follies") during the IVF process. But IVF patients often don’t understand the difference between follicles and eggs. If eggs aren't follicles, ... read more

IVF pregnancy calculator – When is my baby due?

The moment you find out you are pregnant, the next question is – when is my baby due? This is true, whether you get pregnant in your bedroom, or after doing IVF! read more

Bleeding During IVF - What's Normal and What Isn't?

One of the most difficult things IVF patients have to deal with is the fact that there are no external symptoms or signs of what's happening inside their bodies. Are the follicles growing well? Is ... read more

Testing for Pregnancy After IVF Embryo Transfer

While all IVF patients understand that not every IVF cycle results in success, in their heart of hearts, every patient wants to get pregnant every cycle. After months or years of having trouble ... read more

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