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    Nutrition and Fertility

    We hear a lot about what expecting and breast-feeding women should eat – but what about eating to improve fertility? Did you know that an insulin imbalance or a diet full of high-glycemic carbohyrdates increase ovulatory fertility problems by a staggering 92%? An iodine deficiency can aggravate PCOS, cause miscarriages, or even hamper the growth of an unborn baby's brain. Problems digesting protein increase ammonia levels in the body, which prevents eggs from adhering to the uterine wall. Pesticides on produce contain xenestrogens, or environmental estrogens, that can create hormone imbalances that counter fertility treatments.

    Clinical Nutritionist Andrew Hopkins and yoga and lifestyle expert Corey Kelly will answer your questions about nutrition and wellness. We'll cover what to eat to nourish your body for conception, pregnancy, and breast feeding – but also foods that can help you recover from labor, foods that energize you to keep up with toddlers and teens, and food to increase your longevity so you can enjoy a long, happy life with your family.

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    Corey Kelly

    Corey Kelly

    Corey Kelly is the founder of TriBalance Yoga Center in Schaumburg, a suburb of Chicago. The lifestyle center features four studios and expanded services, including chiropractic care, nutrition, acupuncture, personal training, physical therapy, several styles of yoga and a rigorous instructor training program. Corey considers it a community lifestyle center built by the community for the community. In addition to teaching yoga, Corey does clinical-based therapeutic work, combining elements of nutrition, Ayurveda, traditional yoga therapy, Thai bodywork, massage and various forms of energy work. He has extensive experience with spinal cord and intense sports injuries. Corey has traveled to India to pursue his studies, which he continues on an ongoing basis. “I teach around 900 classes per year and I still can't explain how the 'real yoga' I heard about in that first class works. It's powerful and amazing. Yoga is a union, not only of body and mind but teacher and community. It is together that we are the strongest, and together we can change this world.” Corey can be contacted at info@tribalance.com or by calling (847) 301-7305.



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