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So you have had your insemination or your embryo transfer and the wait has begun. It is so hard to wait until your scheduled pregnancy test. If you are like some people, you start reading on line about the signs and symptoms of pregnancy and you over analyze every ache, twinge and cramp you feel. Unfortunately, signs and symptoms of pregnancy are the same as pre menstrual signs and symptoms. These include but are not limited to; breast tenderness, mood swings, nausea and cramping. The medications you are taking can also give you pregnancy symptoms.

Finally your pregnancy test is scheduled for tomorrow and you go to the restroom and you notice spotting when you wipe. You immediately think the worst – MISCARRIAGE! Then you decide that since you are bleeding you can't possibly be pregnant so, "why should I keep taking the messy vaginal medicine" or keep taking that uncomfortable injection in my backside? WRONG!!! Many women can experience bleeding during the first trimester. This can be completely normal.

Some of you will not have any symptoms and feel "the same". Be reassured, you do not necessarily need to feel anything different at this early stage. It is only in the movies that everyone has morning sickness.

The day of your blood test, since you aren't feeling anything or are spotting, you decide to clean house, throw in the towel and bring in all of your unused medication and needles since you are not going to cycle again.

.......but wait. You checked your portal and realized. "My level is over 5? I'm pregnant?" It can't be. "I am spotting and I feel like my period is coming. I stopped all my medications."

So you see, it is important to continue all your medications and keep your appointment for your pregnancy test because you just never know.

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Patty Paganucci

Patty Paganucci

Patty has worked for InVia fertility Specialists since its inception in 2002. She has 16 years experience in her field. She has an Associate's Degree in Nursing. She is our phlebotomist at our Hoffman Estates office. She also is our surgical coordiator


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