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    Free fertility drugs for cancer patients seeking fertility preservation

    For women who are diagnosed with cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy, the drugs used can be toxic to the ovaries. Removing eggs from the ovaries prior to starting these treatments allows for the preservation of healthy eggs. For Cancer patients, Ferring Pharmaceuticals has teamed up with Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy to offer fertility products for your fertility preservation at no extra cost. In order for you to qualify you must meet the following criteria:

    • Female
    • US Citizen or Permanent Resident
    • Diagnosed with cancer
    • Cancer Treatment Has Not Been Initiated
    • No Recent Chemotherapy Treatment Within 6 Months
    • Oncologist and Reproductive Endocrinologist Determine it is Medically Appropriate

    Egg freezing is a breakthrough technology that allows women to freeze and store their eggs indefinitely and without need for sperm. Once a pregnancy is desired, the eggs are thawed, fertilized and placed within the uterus in order to initiate a pregnancy.

    A woman wishing to freeze her eggs must take a type of medication called gonadotropins. This medication stimulates the ovaries to produce several eggs or more. These eggs are then collected from her ovaries using a minor surgical technique known as transvaginal oocyte retrieval. This procedure is performed under light anesthesia, and no incision is required. Eggs are then rapidly cooled and frozen in liquid nitrogen for long term storage.

    A cancer diagnosis can be devastating. Finding out you can’t have children after you beat the disease can be equally devastating. There are options and knowing them will make all the difference.

    Ferring Pharmaceuticals has initiated this program where they are providing Bravelle and Menopur to cancer patients at no extra cost. These medications are expensive and can cost anywhere from three to five thousand dollars per cycle. There, however, may be other medications (e.g. Lupron, Ganirelix, Cetrotide, Letrazole) that may be prescribed by your physician that will have to be purchased. The cost of these medications will be only a few hundred dollars.

    At InVia Fertility Specialists, we offer deeply discounted prices for cancer patients. The total cost of the cycle will be $7,000/- + $650/- for anesthesia during the retrieval. We have a policy of seeing new cancer patients without delay and starting cycles as soon as possible. This is to minimize delaying the start of any chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery that your cancer specialist may recommend.

    Thank you Ferring Pharmaceuticals!!!!

    For more information please call 888-347-3415

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    Todd Mensik

    Todd Mensik

    Todd Mensik is the Practice Representative at InVia Fertility. He is passionate about making sure that the overall experience of each and every patient exceeds expectations. He also works with the referring physician to ensure that the transition into our office is seamless.



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