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It's not too late to make a New Years Resolution!

Everyone does it, and if you say you don’t you’re lying to me. New Year resolutions have been set, or for some they’re still working on them hoping spring comes so they won’t have to actually go through with it. The question is, are people sticking to them? Snow, cold, snow, cold, snow, cold, makes even the most dedicated dieter crave the comforts of heavy, tasty, satisfying foods. The problem is starting your resolution next week isn’t exactly going to make it sunny and 70. How do you do it? Baby steps. A diet isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. If you cheat one-day trust me we all do. Bounce back and “play for the tie” over the next couple days. What’s playing for the tie? It’s another way of saying balance the week not each day. If you cheat on Monday be sure to balance the cheating on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I know what everyone is saying, it’s sooooo much easier said than done. That’s why we believe in our Ideal Protein diet. We’ve seen HUGE weight loss by our patients, overall attitude improvement and self-confidence through the roof. How you ask? We feel the deciding factor is the weekly meeting with our dietary coach. Doing something all alone when every part of your life stays the same (work eating habits, home eating habits, friends eating habits, TV commercials with the juicy cheese burger) is EXTREMELY difficult. Our coach is there to mentor you through the daily grind of dieting. Our coach will hold you accountable while also congratulating you when you have success.

You can do it. Let me say that again, you can do it. I know that is a simple statement, but I’ve yet to find one more powerful. Feel better, look better, feel better longer, have more energy, build your confidence, change your attitude, and it all begins today.

Ideal Protein Diet Weight loss

Todd Mensik

Todd Mensik

Todd Mensik is the Practice Representative at InVia Fertility. He is passionate about making sure that the overall experience of each and every patient exceeds expectations. He also works with the referring physician to ensure that the transition into our office is seamless.


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