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InVia Fertility Journeys: Mehgan and Kevin K.

IMG_4032My husband Kevin and I met in 2000 and got married in 2008. We knew we always wanted children but were in no rush. When the time came to start trying, our mentality was “whatever happens, happens”. After almost a year of trying, at my annual OB-GYN appointment, the discussion came up about starting a family. How long had we been trying, my OB-GYN wanted to know?

After answering a bunch of questions and based on my answers, I was asked to give blood for a few tests. At that appointment, I remember being so carefree and felt that the doctors were more concerned about me not getting pregnant than we were - we honestly never gave it much thought.

After waiting a few days, my results came back. Tears flooded my eyes when I heard the nurse tell me that my levels were so low, we’d go straight to IVF. So many emotions came to mind, but what upset me most was that my body wasn’t capable of having children the “natural” way. Plus, Kevin and I did not know one thing about infertility.

I went onto so many websites to try to educate myself. I talked to a couple of friends who have gone through the infertility treatment process. No matter what journey was ahead of us, Kevin and I knew we were ready.

Meeting Dr. Klipstein

We were referred by Dr. Dedonato from Northwest Women’s Consultants (my OB-GYN office) to InVia Fertility along with a couple other offices. Coincidentally, a close friend of ours underwent treatment at InVia a few years prior and informed us that she had Dr. Klipstein as her doctor. She thought based on our personalities, she'd be a perfect fit for us. We didn’t call or check any of the other fertility offices that were given to us - we liked what we saw online and trusted my friend. So we called and made our initial consultation with Dr. Klipstein.

Dr. Klipstein is A-MAZING! We’ve never met someone who cares so deeply about her job. She puts her patients first and makes you feel like you’re the only one she’s taking care of. We never felt rushed whenever we came in for ultrasounds or to speak with her in the office.

I LOVED being able to discuss any or all my concerns via portal messaging - she was always quick to respond; she would even pick up the phone and call to discuss matters. She went over and beyond for both of our boys, especially with our second child, Ryan. I cannot thank her and the nursing staff for taking utmost care of me/my family.

Wish Upon a Star – Journey to Landon

Kevin and I went to our favorite vacation spot, Walt Disney World, at the beginning of the treatment cycle that led to our son Landon. We got engaged there and we figured it would be the best place to start injections - a place where dreams come true!


While the first cycle for Landon was a breeze, we were terrified with our first injection—in fact we filmed the whole thing, which was quite entertaining to say the least. But after a few, it was second nature. During injections, my follicles grew as they were supposed to, and we were able to get enough follicles for our retrieval. Four embryos fertilized, two embryos were transferred, and we were able to freeze one.

IMG_2230As luck had it, we got pregnant on our first try. My husband and I checked our portal message together on separate emails to check our hCG level as well as waiting to hear from Dr. Klipstein. We went in for weekly bloodwork and ultrasounds with our favorite nurse Monika. We looked forward to every ultrasound; not only to see how our baby was growing, but to see Monika, who was pregnant as well at that time. At our second ultrasound, we saw two sacs, but one sac was fairly larger than the other so Dr. Klipstein said it was one baby.

We were monitored up to 11 weeks, then released to our OB-GYN. It was a bittersweet moment - we didn’t want to leave InVia, even though we do love our OB-GYN.

The pregnancy with Landon was fairly easy, even though I had placenta previa and was put on bed rest my last month. We visited Dr. Klipstein the week before our scheduled C-section. We love surprises, so we were waiting until the baby was born to learn whether it was a boy or a girl. Based on how I was carrying the baby, Dr. Klipstein had a feeling it “was a boy”. She was right!

Landon was born June 6, 2014—a month early—weighing 6 pounds 10 ounces.


“Keep Looking and Moving Forward”—Journey to Ryan

For Ryan, treatment was a very long and emotional journey. We transferred the frozen embryo from Landon’s batch. When I went in that morning for my hCG bloodwork, I had this feeling it hadn’t worked - I’m never negative; I just had that gut feeling.

When Dr. Klipstein called to tell me the news that our transfer was unsuccessful, I was so mad at myself and my body, and understandably sad. I didn’t understand why our embryo didn’t take, and obviously knew we wouldn’t have an answer. I knew we just had to keep looking and moving forward. And truth be told, looking at Landon that morning made me realize that we were already blessed. So no matter what the future held, we had our first miracle boy.

Keeping perspective after a failed IVF transfer

When we were ready to proceed a couple months later, we started all over. But immediately there was another hiccup: my bloodwork revealed we had less than a 1% chance of making follicles—that is, of getting pregnant. My levels had decreased significantly from when we were trying with Landon. But Dr. Klipstein never gave up on us, nor did I feel sorry for myself. We put our trust in our doctor and prayed every moment we could.

We were on the maximum medications that one could be on. And due to being on medications for a longer duration than usual, I had run out of them. Fortunately, the nurse team at InVia worked hard to quickly find the medication I needed. We felt incredibly lucky.

Each week at my ultrasound, my follicles were a disappointment: they weren’t growing much in size or as big as the InVia team would like. Finally, at our last ultrasound, we had a couple that were perfect in size, with one in particular that was HUGE. At our retrieval, a few eggs were taken from the follicles and fertilized.

Obstacles and Setbacks (and Amazing Care from Dr. Klipstein)

Sadly enough, after my retrieval, I got very ill, and would wind up having four surgeries over a three-month time span: one for an ovarian torsion, two for an infection and abscess on my right ovary (which ultimately led to its removal), and a fourth to clean up scar tissue from the prior procedures. Over one two-week period, I had to go to the hospital every day to have IV antibiotics.

And through it all, Dr. Klipstein was there to provide the care and support I needed: everything from performing three of my four surgical procedures to checking in to see how I was recovering.

“Aren’t You Supposed to Take This in the Morning?”

And as luck had it, after my final post-op appointment, we got pregnant on our own. I randomly took a pregnancy test at 5:00 P.M. in our master bathroom. When I saw the positive result, I flagged down my husband. “Aren't you supposed to take this in the morning?” Kevin said. “There is no way!”


My OB-GYN and Dr. Klipstein could not believe the news! Dr. Klipstein quickly said, “I'm monitoring you throughout your first trimester.”

Ryan was born May 17, 2018 by C-section, after I’d gone into labor a week before his due date. He weighed 7lbs 11oz.


We made sure both boys met Dr. Klipstein - again, she made time in her busy schedule to let us visit and meet the boys.

Both of our boys are true miracles, and we are forever grateful.

“NEVER Be Afraid to Talk About Your Infertility”

If you’re going through your own infertility journey now, I have three words for you: NEVER GIVE UP! Your body can do amazing things if you let it!

Life is a journey, an adventure - take in every moment; even the bad ones. I put all my doubts, faith and trust with Dr. Klipstein and InVia Fertility. Dr. Klipstein was with me for EVERY step. She truly is the most intelligent and compassionate person - any person who has her for their doctor is super blessed, in the best of hands, and ready to receive the best of care.

Dr. Sigal Klipstein and Baby Ryan

This journey has made me stronger and proved to me that miracles do happen. I tell Kevin that we were the lucky ones who got to go through this process. No one who hasn’t been there can even imagine all that entails - especially emotionally. I have never prayed so much. But the outcome is the best gift.

And NEVER be afraid to talk about your infertility. You never know who you are helping. When you talk about it, you'll also see what a wonderful support system you have. People may not know what to say or how to comfort, but just having a hug or a shoulder to cry on means more than you'll know. Keep your chin up. You got this!

Would I Recommend InVia Fertility?

You bet. This team is hands down THE BEST. I have referred many people to this office—and all have gotten pregnant on their first try! Thank you, InVia Fertility, for giving us our two miracle boys.


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