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    Fresh isn’t always best. Why frozen embryo transfers (FET) may be better.

    In this age of “I want it NOW”, the last thing patients want to do after their egg retrieval is to wait any longer than necessary to do their embryo transfer. Most patients hear the term “frozen ... read more

    What Happens the Day of Your Egg Retrieval

    Your egg retrieval will take place 36 hours after your trigger injection. You will be instructed what time to arrive in the office the day of your retrieval. Usually you are expected to arrive 45 ... read more

    Trophectoderm biopsy

    Embryo biopsy is a normal part of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which can be used to select "normal" embryos for transfer. Historically, biopsy was done on day-3 embryos (at the 8-cell ... read more

    What is IVF?

    The term IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. The word “in vitro” means “outside the body.” In the IVF process, an egg is fertilized with sperm outside the body rather than in a woman’s fallopian ... read more

    Looks are NOT everything!

    Picking out the best embryos for transfer is a bit like a beauty pageant; the prettiest ones typically win. While morphology is used the majority of times to decide which is the best embryo to ... read more

    Why IVF fails.

    According to the latest statistics from the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies ( in the year 2011, there were a total of 154,412 cycles performed in the US. The pregnancy ... read more

    A cold new world: what you need to know about embryo freezing

    In any IVF cycle, there may be a reason and/or opportunity to cryopreserve (freeze) your embryos. It may be that you have very good–quality embryos and you wish to have the option to freeze and store ... read more

    To rest or not to rest? That is the question.

    One of the questions I am most often asked by patients before their embryo transfer is; “Do I need to stay on bed rest, or lay down for a few hours, after my transfer?”. The answer, emphatically, is ... read more

    Why I Froze My Eggs (And You Should, Too)

    This weekend’s issue of the Wall Street Journal has an excellent essay by Sarah Elizabeth Richards on why she froze her eggs. Her story is probably the story of hundreds and thousands of women who ... read more

    Blastocyst culture and transfer in clinical-assisted reproduction

    The debate over cleavage stage (day 3) versus blastocyst stage (day 5/6) transfer continues to rage on in the reproductive community. Transferring embryos at the blastocyst stage has many recognized, ... read more

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