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10 facts on male infertility treatment and causes

It is now well established that of infertility problems in couples, the female partner accounts for 40%, males account for 40%, and both account for the remaining 20%. It is therefore important that ... read more

Premature Ovarian Failure – Fertility treatment. What works and what does not.

I remember my days as a Fellow at the Jones Institute in Norfolk, Virginia when the second year Fellows were in charge of the donor egg program. This was 1989, and the Jones Institute was the premier ... read more

He’s Making Sperm and I’m Losing Eggs – Life Isn’t Fair

It’s true. Men make a difficult to comprehend one to two hundred million sperm per day. Women, on the other hand, are forever losing eggs. In fact, women have their maximum number of eggs before they ... read more

Is it possible to freeze eggs and embryos with a 100% survival success? The Cryo Tech story.

InVia Fertility Specialists is excited to announce the availability of Cryo Tech method vitrification at our Center. According to Dr. Masashige Kuwayama, the developer of this method, it is now ... read more

Free fertility drugs for cancer patients seeking fertility preservation

For women who are diagnosed with cancer and have to undergo chemotherapy, the drugs used can be toxic to the ovaries. Removing eggs from the ovaries prior to starting these treatments allows for the ... read more

Give yourself the gift of time -- freeze your eggs!

Have you started to hear the sound of your biological clock ticking? Or perhaps you’ve heard it loud and clear and feel like you are running out of time? While you may feel hopeless or like time is ... read more

Top 10 reasons as to why you should freeze your embryos

Ok, you have gone through an entire IVF cycle. If there happens to be a surplus of embryos following fresh transfer, then embryos of sufficient quality may be considered for embryo freezing or ... read more

The clock is ticking! Or is it?

We have all heard that phrase “what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking!” in regards to our fertility. While most of us are “waiting to be a bit more educated, wiser, more stable, financially ... read more

Waiting for Mr (Ms) Wonderful

As women we have all heard of the biological clock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock. But what can it mean to you personally. As a successful woman, you go to college, get an education, set a career path, work ... read more

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