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Make it stop! How to handle morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms

Morning sickness (or “all-day” sickness for some of us) is nobody’s friend. Neither is fatiguecherlyn1 or heartburn. It can be hard to think lovely thoughts about how grateful you are to be pregnant when all you want to do is stay in bed without the lights off and feel sorry for yourself.

While there are a lot of old wives' tales out there, some remedies do actually work and will make you feel better!

Dealing with Nausea in Early Pregnancy

If you are experiencing nausea, you probably don’t want to eat any more saltines. Seriously, I wish everyone would stop suggesting it because those only work for parrots.

What makes it worse: Doing a downward-facing dog in yoga class. You will be surprised how fast you can run to the bathroom with no socks on.

What makes it better: Believe it or not, many varieties of citrus fruit will actually make you feel a lot better. Hope you like lemons! Lemon juice, lemon slices in your water, go crazy on the lemon! Mandarin oranges, grapefruits and clementines work just as well.

An added bonus is all the vitamin C for you and the baby. Natural ginger (leave the artificial flavors) whether in hard candy form, ginger ale, tea or spice generally does the job, too.

Dealing with Fatigue in Early Pregnancy

If you are so tired you can barely get out of bed in the morning, know that you are not alone.

What makes it worse: Pretending it doesn’t exist. If you push yourself, you will only feel more tired. I am not saying live on your couch, but take it easy!

What makes it better: Resting! Don’t feel bad about going to bed at 7 pm while your sink is full of dishes: you have a more important job to do! If you need to take a nap and have the time, DO IT! Ask your family members to pitch in and help you. There is nothing wrong with your partner mopping the floors once in a while.

If it has been approved by your doctor, try to exercise-- it will actually give you more energy. Just be sure not to try anything new or extreme.

Finally, eat a balanced diet tilted towards vegetables and fruit. Although your cravings may tell you that chili cheese fries are exactly what you need right now, you will just feel more sluggish later when processing all that grease and starch. Go for apple slices dipped in natural peanut butter, or raw veggies and low-fat cream cheese instead. You know, the stuff all the yoga girls on Instagram eat.

Handling Heartburn in Early Pregnancy

If you are experiencing heartburn and going through a pack of Tums every day, rest assured, there is help!

What makes it worse: Hot sauce and chili powder on top of spicy Thai noodles may not be the best idea.

What makes it better: Eat smaller meals more frequently and eat them slowly. Drink plenty of water but avoid coffee. Don’t go to bed right after a meal, stay upright until your body finishes digesting your meal. Talk to your doctor about taking over the counter Antacids, they can make a huge difference!

Coping with Early Pregnancy Constipation

Constipation is not a pleasant symptom at all and can get much more unpleasant if left alone.

What makes it worse: Thinking one cup of coffee in the AM will sufficiently hydrate you.

What makes it better: Drinking a LOT of water. And then having some more. Eat high-fiber fruits and veggies, in addition to some grains. Your doctor may recommend a stool softener or a mild laxative if things go on too long.

How to Manage Dizziness in Early Pregnancy

Lightheadedness or dizziness may be annoying, and even dangerous.

What makes it worse: Jumping up really fast from your chair and trying to touch the ceiling while holding your eyes closed.

What makes it better: Getting up, walking slowly and taking frequent breaks. Lie down on your side instead of your back and use a body pillow for more comfort. Try to dress appropriately to avoid overheating, which make the symptoms worse. Stay physically active; walking and prenatal yoga are great for you!

How to Cope with Early Pregnancy Mood Swings

Mood swings can be a wild ride, especially for your significant other. He or she just has to understand that you are not being yourself and that this too shall pass. Eventually.

What makes it worse: Worrying about the future, about the baby, about the cats, about the neighbors, etc.

What makes it better: Eating a balanced diet and getting a lot of rest is only the beginning. Rely on your family and friends for help, but contact your MD if you feel overwhelmed. Relaxation techniques may also help you cope.

Hang in There (And Enjoy It!)

When you were working so hard to have a baby, you probably weren’t planning on having all these fun things that come along with one! All I can say again and again, is that this too, shall pass. When your newborn baby grabs hold of your thumb and smiles at you (probably caused by gas), your heart will melt and your brain will block all the past miseries out of your memory. It is an evolutionary process that makes you want to repeat this experience, I suppose.

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Victoria Mostov

Victoria Mostov

Victoria Mostov received her BA in Psychology from UCLA in 2002. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, Victoria received her MBA from the prestigious Kellstadt School of Business at DePaul University. She has 14 years of experience working in health care management and has been with Invia Fertility


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