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    IVF Failure and Finding the Perfect Egg Donor

    IVF, while being a popular and largely successful fertility treatment, isn't foolproof. As with anything, there are some instances of IVF failure. Knowing the common causes of IVF failure and your ... read more

    Men having babies conference

    Staff at InVia table. R-L: Dr. Sigal Klipstein, Vicki Meagher, and Todd Mensik. read more

    Egg donor and surrogacy at InVia Fertility

    On August 20, InVia Fertility Specialists launched a new Egg Donor and Surrogacy section of our website! These new pages are full of information on: read more

    Using Genetic Carrier Testing When Choosing an Egg Donor

    For fertility patients who are choosing an egg donor, the health of the donor is a critical concern. One way recipients can be assured of the health of the donor is to work with a fertility clinic ... read more

    Best Methods of Egg Freezing for Fertility Preservation

    For many years, scientists all over the world have been experimenting with egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation) techniques for fertility preservation. Recently, significant advances in technology ... read more

    Male age and donor egg pregnancy rates

    “I’m using an egg donor to have a good, high quality egg, should I be concerned about my partner’s age?” Is there a connection between male age and donor egg pregnancy rates? read more

    Facts About Egg, Sperm, or Embryo Donation

    What is an egg, sperm, or embryo donation? A donation is when you use the eggs, sperm, or embryos from someone else in an effort to help an intended parent achieve a pregnancy. Why would you use a ... read more

    Egg Donor Recipients: Think Your Weight Doesn’t Matter? Think Again!

    Recently there was a paper in the journal Fertility and Sterility (Fertil Steril 2013;100:1050–8) about a study that was done in Spain with egg donors and egg donor recipients to see if the body mass ... read more

    Is modified natural cycle IVF justified in patients with “genuine” poor ovarian response?

    Natural cycle IVF has been proposed as an option for poor responder patients. In this approach, conventional stimulation with fertility drugs is not used. The patient is monitored for development of ... read more

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