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    I found the perfect egg donor, but then…

    All too often, people who have taken great care in choosing an egg donor tell me, “I found the perfect donor, but then ..." read more

    Should You Tell Your Children You Used an Egg Donor?

    A recent study showed the majority of parents of egg donor conceived children intend to tell their children – but many put off that conversation. If you've used an egg donor, there are many things to ... read more

    What To Do If You Don’t Qualify To Be an Egg Donor

    It’s a scary, unexpected thing, when as an egg donor you have your hormones drawn and an ultrasound performed, and then are told you don’t qualify medically for an egg donor program. In addition to ... read more

    Ten Questions Egg Donor Recipients Want Answered

    I have written several blogs on issues pertaining to egg donors and recipients. These have been published over the past couple of years since I have been the egg donor co-ordinator at InVia. The ... read more

    You Might Need an Egg Donor IF….

    How can you determine if you need an egg donor as opposed to doing IVF using your own eggs? Many factors come in to play in making this decision. Ultimately, it's all about the egg quality. In this ... read more

    All About the Egg Donor Process

    Egg donors are often amazing people who truly want to provide others with a gift. Some have children and can’t imagine a life without the joys of motherhood. They want to help others find the ... read more

    Most Parents Using Egg Donor Plan to Tell Child, Study Shows

    One major topic of discussion between a couple who is using an egg donor is whether or not they are going to disclose this information to their children later. As the egg donor coordinator at InVia ... read more

    Management of Premature Ovarian Failure

    Premature ovarian failure (POF) or premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) is defined by loss of ovarian activity before the age of 40 years. It is characterized by menstrual disturbance (absent or ... read more

    Choosing an egg donor: Genetic carrier testing update

    Genetic carrier testing is one of the main topics fertility patients ask about when choosing an egg donor. A lot has changed in genetic carrier testing since my last blog about it last year. Because ... read more

    Role of a Psychologist in Third Party Reproduction

    Since the first child from third party reproduction was born, many studies have been done to evaluate and ensure the welfare of that child, as well as all children conceived using the same means that ... read more

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