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    Premature Ovarian Failure – Fertility treatment. What works and what does not.

    I remember my days as a Fellow at the Jones Institute in Norfolk, Virginia when the second year Fellows were in charge of the donor egg program. This was 1989, and the Jones Institute was the premier ... read more

    When Will My Transfer Be??

    When I first meet with egg donor recipients, one of their first questions, before even look at the egg donor profiles is, “When will my transfer be?”. I explain to them that first we need to choose ... read more

    Obesity Affects Uterine Receptivity in IVF with Donor Eggs

    There have been several blogs expanding on the impact of obesity on success rates with IVF. Miscarriage rates and pregnancy complications are also higher in obese patients. The exact way in which ... read more

    Progesterone elevation (PE) on day of hCG and probability of pregnancy after IVF

    Kim Melone has previously written a blog explaining the negative impact of progesterone elevation (PE) on the day of hCG on IVF pregnancy rates. With premature PE, the uterine lining is less ... read more

    Will my baby look like me?

    This is a question that a lot of egg donor (and sperm donor) recipients ask themselves. Will people know that I used a donor? Will they comment that the baby doesn’t look like me? How will I handle ... read more

    When Egg Donation Is Recommended: Are You Talking to Us?

    As a couple, you have most probably been on the emotional roller coaster ride that comes with infertility treatment for any length of time. Going through the sequence of treatments from fertility ... read more

    When is the Right Time to Use Donor Eggs?

    I met with a group of people last week who were considering using donor eggs to start or grow their families. My impression was that they were all in various stages of the decision-making process. ... read more

    Is my infertility my fault?

    When I was in the midst of my despair after having lost 2 pregnancies, I began to wonder, “Is all of this my fault? Did I wait too long to try to have a family? Should I have settled down sooner?” ... read more

    Nature versus Nurture -- I love mine just the same

    A question you may have for me or my husband might be, “Was it difficult for you to decide to adopt and/or go through the egg donor process?” You may also be secretly asking yourself, “Are their ... read more

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