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    You Just Need to Relax! Clueless Comments and What to Do About Them

    Many years ago there was a show on TV called “Kids Say the Darndest Things.” The host would ask kids questions, and they'd come back with priceless comments that were spontaneous and socially ... read more

    I need the 6.30 am appointment

    The 6.30 am appointment for blood and ultrasound is a very common request. We certainly understand that you have a job and are trying to avoid losing time from work but as I said this 6.30 am ... read more

    Waiting for Mr (Ms) Wonderful

    As women we have all heard of the biological clock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock. But what can it mean to you personally. As a successful woman, you go to college, get an education, set a career path, work ... read more

    Fertility Treatment is a TEAM Sport!

    Well, sports fans, we have just finished the baseball season and are in the peak of football and ice hockey season. For any team to be successful there must be communication and recognition for all ... read more

    Date Night or Intrauterine Insemination

    Ok, you have seen the doctor and have had your results reviewed. The doctor has made the recommendation that you proceed with “IUI” intrauterine insemination. For an IUI, the processed sperm are ... read more

    You want me to fill this cup?

    You and your partner have been in to see the doctor for a consultation, they have outlined a potential treatment plan and the nurses have informed you of what testing is required prior to beginning ... read more



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