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    Finally a consensus definition of 'poor ovarian responder'!

    Since the early days of the IVF process, it was noted that some patients responded to ovarian stimulation from fertility injections (gonadotropins) with decreased follicular response and low ... read more

    Comparison of different routes of administering progesterone Part IV

    Progesterone is a hormone that is responsible for making the uterine lining receptive (“secretory transformation”) for the embryo to implant. In natural cycles, progesterone is produced after ... read more

    Mississipi Personhood Amendment

    The Mississippi Personhood Amendment is a citizen initiative to amend the Mississippi Constitution to define personhood as beginning at fertilization or “the functional equivalent thereof.” They ... read more

    What Do These Numbers Mean???? Part I (Pretesting work up)

    OK, so you have been to your infertility doctor. You hear…..blah, blah, blah…… Then you met with the nurse who also said…….blah, blah, blah. What you missed in the blah’s was your pretesting work up. ... read more


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