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    Early pregnancy ultrasound -- Normal pregnancy

    Early pregnancy monitoring is a topic that has generated a lot of questions from readers of this blog. Early pregnancies are usually monitored with a combination of serial blood tests and ... read more

    Increasing the chances of conceiving naturally Part V

    Do diet and lifestyle make a difference? Yes they do! Your weight can affect the time to conception. Obesity (BMI > 35) increases the time to conception two-fold. Underweight (BMI < 19) women ... read more

    Increasing the chances of conceiving naturally

    Eighty five percent of couples will conceive naturally in the first year of trying. Another 10% will conceive naturally in the second year. Keeping these facts in mind, one can ask the question – “Is ... read more

    Two months and significant pounds lost!

    We first introduced the Idea Protein Diet to our practice the first week of April 2013 and since then our patients (and yes friends because of their success) have lost over 400 pounds!! I know what ... read more

    It’s Not My Party but I’ll Cry If I Want To

    I never subscribed to the notion that sharing news of one’s pregnancy, in the early stages, was a bad idea for fear that the pregnancy may not last. Personally, I was elated when I found out that I ... read more

    Putting the myth of bed rest after IVF to rest

    One of the old wife's tales, which still plagues every IVF patient, is the myth that they need "strict" bed rest after the embryo transfer. Many patients are scared that the embryo will fall out if ... read more

    When Thin Is Not In (fertility)

    Even though our culture idolizes the super thin, being underweight is not healthy and can affect your fertility. Twelve percent of infertility cases are the result of women being under or overweight. ... read more

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