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    Egg Donor Compensation Part III I’m Going to Donate ALL the Time!!

    Slow down there, Miss Eager Donor. Yes, a donor does receive $7,000 per completed cycle, and yes, that is a lot of money, but there are limitations. First of all, a donor may undergo a maximum of six ... read more

    Egg Donor Compensation Part II Why $7000??

    This is the competitive rate. It’s that simple. The market forces involved that set the precedent are fair and therefore, we need to be within that range with our own program. We do not believe that ... read more

    Egg Donor Compensation Part I You Give Me Money For What?!

    First of all, we don’t give donors money for anything. When a couple in need of an egg donor comes in, selects a donor and signs their contract, they are required to put the donor’s compensation of ... read more

    Date Night or Intrauterine Insemination

    Ok, you have seen the doctor and have had your results reviewed. The doctor has made the recommendation that you proceed with “IUI” intrauterine insemination. For an IUI, the processed sperm are ... read more

    What's sperm got to do with it?

    Not much credit is given to the sperm, with most of the focus being on the egg. However, male factors can be the cause of around 33% of all infertility. So why, then, do we not pay more attention to ... read more

    You want me to fill this cup?

    You and your partner have been in to see the doctor for a consultation, they have outlined a potential treatment plan and the nurses have informed you of what testing is required prior to beginning ... read more

    How much will my fertility treatment cost?

    It is important to know your benefits prior to making your first appointment. You may be covered for everything at 100%, or you may have no coverage for a fertility specialist at all. Although we at ... read more

    Are you familiar with the Illinois State Mandate?

    Are you familiar with the Illinois State Mandate? If you are not, you don’t know your rights. We are very fortunate that Illinois is one of a handful of states where insurance companies are mandated ... read more

    Egg donors do your homework!

    Search any news media website. Type “egg donor” in the search box and check out the results. “Eggs forSale”. “Is Egg Donation Worth the Risk?” “Dangers in Donating Eggs”. Those are just some of the ... read more


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