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Make it stop! How to handle morning sickness and other early pregnancy symptoms

Morning sickness (or “all-day” sickness for some of us) is nobody’s friend. Neither is fatigue or heartburn. It can be hard to think lovely thoughts about how grateful you are to be pregnant when all ... read more

National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief on Increase in Twin Births

The National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) recently issued a data brief on increase in twin births. In a brief titled "Three Decades of Twin Births in the United States, 1980–2009", the authors ... read more

Morning sickness is for suckers!

Have you ever seen the show called “I didn’t know I was pregnant”? Although some stories are a bit far fetched, it always makes me wonder: How did those girls get so lucky? read more

Waiting for Mr (Ms) Wonderful

As women we have all heard of the biological clock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock. But what can it mean to you personally. As a successful woman, you go to college, get an education, set a career path, work ... read more

Divorce and frozen embryos. Embryos divide, but they can’t be split.

The last thing on a couples mind when they are going through an in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure is divorce. But, unfortunately, sometimes couples find themselves in that situation down the ... read more

Ho, Ho, Ho The Three H's

No, it's not what you think. This isn't a holiday greeting. The Three H's I'm referring to are: read more


So you have had your insemination or your embryo transfer and the wait has begun. It is so hard to wait until your scheduled pregnancy test. If you are like some people, you start reading on line ... read more

Finally a consensus definition of 'poor ovarian responder'!

Since the early days of the IVF process, it was noted that some patients responded to ovarian stimulation from fertility injections (gonadotropins) with decreased follicular response and low ... read more

Comparison of different routes of administering progesterone Part IV

Progesterone is a hormone that is responsible for making the uterine lining receptive (“secretory transformation”) for the embryo to implant. In natural cycles, progesterone is produced after ... read more

Fertility Treatment is a TEAM Sport!

Well, sports fans, we have just finished the baseball season and are in the peak of football and ice hockey season. For any team to be successful there must be communication and recognition for all ... read more

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