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Fertility drugs and ovarian cancer

It was in 1992 when Dan Rather presented a segment on the CBS evening news about a paper that discussed the possibility of fertility drugs causing ovarian cancer (Whittemore et al. Am J Epidemiol ... read more

Terra Incognita The often unexplored world of donor embryos

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the excess frozen embryos being stored at our facility that patients no longer wish to keep? Depending on the parent’s wishes, embryos can be disposed, ... read more

What Do These Numbers Mean???? Part III Pregnancy monitoring

OK, so you have completed your cycle, be it the old fashioned way (intercourse), IUI, IVF. You call with a positive home pregnancy test or you come in for your scheduled pregnancy test. If you got ... read more

What Do These Numbers Mean???? Part II (Cycle monitoring)

OK, so you have had your nurse consult. All you heard was…….blah, blah, shot, needle, blah. Don’t fret. We tell you each step of the way what your results are and your next steps. The "patient ... read more

What Do These Numbers Mean???? Part I (Pretesting work up)

OK, so you have been to your infertility doctor. You hear…..blah, blah, blah…… Then you met with the nurse who also said…….blah, blah, blah. What you missed in the blah’s was your pretesting work up. ... read more

Are my spermies germy? Why do we wash semen before an IUI?

Your partner has been instructed it is time for her IUI and you are on deck to produce a sample. You hear the words “you need to produce a sample” and “we need to wash the sample before we can use ... read more

Egg Donor Compensation Part III I’m Going to Donate ALL the Time!!

Slow down there, Miss Eager Donor. Yes, a donor does receive $8,000 per completed cycle, and yes, that is a lot of money, but there are limitations. First of all, a donor may undergo a maximum of six ... read more

Egg Donor Compensation Part II Why $8000??

This is the competitive rate. It’s that simple. The market forces involved that set the precedent are fair and therefore, we need to be within that range with our own program. We do not believe that ... read more

Egg Donor Compensation Part I You Give Me Money For What?!

First of all, we don’t give donors money for anything. When a couple in need of an egg donor comes in, selects a donor and signs their contract, they are required to put the donor’s compensation of ... read more

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